Tristraum (tristraum) wrote in dark_colorado,

Tristraum's first show in 2 years

The fourth annual transistor festival is Friday, June 11 & Saturday, June 12 at 7 p.m. until 2 a.m., is ages 21+, is a $10.00 cover charge per night. Due to limited capacity, please plan to arrive early to assure entry and to hear all the great acts.

Day 1, Friday, June 11 features Bukkha (TX) & Midi kid (LA), Bow Shock, Quantum-Source, WIRETRaP, Tristraum, dancers Tahara & Aphrodite, kuxaan-sum, page 27, Qui Art, Paul Mimlitsch, Melpomene 1, DSGUISE, Megaphone, Circle Six, Zeno, Tin crickets / Burnt Cabin, DversesJ, Spychiatrist, with vj dizyPixl and more.

Day 2. saturday, June 12 features a headliner from Belgium, end.user (adnoiseam, ant zen, etc.), entropic advance, blackcell, In Better Senses, Brocken Spectre, Sunray Breaker, dance troupes Tribe Gem & Gypsy Tribal Misfits, Circuit bending workshop w/JanedaPain( 5p.m./rsvp), Glass Gentlemen, encomiast, The Porcelain Dolls, hi_frontier, Alert, Seven7h Wave, Kyle Smith, with vj jaDp and more.
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